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After 7 years of successful evangelism and traveling all across the country while residing in Illinois, God directed our pastor to come back to his home state of Tennessee and begin a local church. 


From unique and humble beginnings, the church was established in 1979 with the immediate family and a few dedicated church members. Years of faithful service to ministry and soul-winning required our founder/pastor to preach weekly while simultaneously serving as the church bus driver, musician, sound engineer, and in many other capacities. Lady Norma Bond and Mother Luberta Bonds worked side by side with the Pastor in helping cultivate the growth and effective operation of the ministry. 

After becoming a chartered ministry and utilizing multiple facilities over a period of years, a larger and more permanent facility was needed to further accommodate the rapid growth of the church. So in the spirit of oneness, the church members sacrificed financially and were able to purchase 20 plus acres of property in West Madison County. This property would serve as the official site of Deliverance House of Prayer. At this juncture, the church underwent several construction phases and the congregation continued in seeking God and sowing financially until the building was fully erected and completely furnished. As time progressed on, the ministry flourished more, growing into several hundred local members and with covenant partners across West Tennessee and the United States. 


A decade later, the ministry fulfilled a God-given mandate to purchase an inner city facility in order to further spread the Gospel and reach thousands across West Tennessee. This inner city Jackson, TN location, referred to as Light of Life Ministries, consists of a large sanctuary, educational wing, and multiple administrative offices. The ministry also purchased surrounding residential properties that developed into additional parking space and a ministry complex building, which would provide additional serving to individuals in need of spiritual counseling, mentorship, summer day camp overflow classrooms, tutorial services, and etc. In addition, the ministry began a powerful media ministry which touches the lives of thousands through weekly regional radio and television coverage. The success of the media ministry even expanded nationally on the BET network during the early years of Direct TV. 


In more recent years, Pastor Nathaniel Bond was fully consecrated to the office of Bishop and presently serves as a Spiritual Father and covering to pastors in multiple states. Several successful conferences began under his leadership, including: Revelation and Restoration Conference, Daughters Of Destiny Conference, Mighty Men of Valor Conference, and the most recent being the Fellowship Of Pastors Conference. Simultaneously the music ministry of the church flourished with the forming of several choirs and the release of two major recordings on national record labels. The second recording resulted in a Stellar Award Nomination in 2008 in the category of "New Artist of the Year". 


Today with a thriving, active membership, the ministry continues to explode under the leadership of our Bishop who uniquely delivers a powerful and unadulterated word from God that challenges the congregation to continue its course of maximizing its fullest potential. 

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